about me and this hobby


About me

My name: Danny

Born (1948) and grown up in Amsterdam, where I’m still living. As a youngster, our capital city - with all her tramlines and varied rolling-stock - brought me already early the interest for trams. At first at the beginning of this century my interest grew for the smaller format H0 (ratio 1:87) of the bigger models. Collecting began. New, second-hand, or even home-made. Till now my collection counts about 150 pieces. The models - made out of brass, whitemetall, plastic, resin or 3D -  are reaching so far as the type concerns far over the Dutch border. From old-timer till articulated low-floor tram. A goal for the collection soon had been found:

"The evolution oft he electric tram within Europe"

Because of  a lack of space, I’m not possessing - besides a testtrack - a real railtrack. By "restriction makes inventive" I started making dioramas with which I could express my goal. Next to it, I wanted to share it with other people. For that purpose I made since 2003 - as a part of a greater whole - use of a website of somebody else. Many of you will remember that. It is a pity that some time ago my part of the site - without any consultation - had been deleted by the then webmaster.

See now my new website in direct management this time. I’m trying to bring back the loss till he old level. For sure the pleasure is back again to please my visitors - besides myself - with my models and dioramas.




Nieuwe reacties

07.02 | 08:27

Beste Cyriel,
De foto's blijven bewaard. De honderden diorama's uiteraard niet.
Geen ruimte.
Mvg Danny

05.02 | 11:51

Prachtige diorama's! Ik vroeg me af, bewaard u die allemaal of worden ze weer afgebroken om gebruikt te worden in andere dioramas? "Vriendelijke groet, Cyriel v

25.03 | 22:12

Hallo Danny,
Je hebt een prachtige site en prachtige spullen, mijn complimenten!
Heb je ook trams te koop?

03.03 | 09:57

Ik zoek een redelijk betaalbare bijwagen voor een blauwe tram motorwagen. ( Voor de A 357 )